About me


I’m O and first of all: I’m a late bloomer. Yes, I am.
For instance I learned to swim at 20. Funny enough I think that it must have felt quite humiliating learning to swim with a crowd of kids under half of my age, but I only remember that I did it and I was proud.
I learned how to ride a bike at 6 but then my first bike got broken and never fixed. So I learned again to ride a bike at 26. I was on a heavy Velo’h on plateau de Saint Esprit, just around the Ministry of Justice and I almost entered into the Court  through the window, but I mostly remember that I did it. And, yes, some people do forget to ride a bike.
I learned to drive at 30. Well… this is questionable, since I didn’t drive after, so probably I’ll need to learn to drive again.

Also, this blog was supposed to be public about one year and a half ago, but I did it.

Yes, I’m a late bloomer. I know, that’s just a fancy word construction to say that I’m a procrastinator. Nevertheless there is a small nuance: I’m a procrastinator who eventually gets things done. And I’m someone for whom there is never too late. In fact when I settle for a deadline I get things done… except when only I know about the deadline – does this sound familiar to any of you?

So, my public deadline is 65. By that age, unless something tragic happens, I will do the following: a handstand, I will run a full marathon, I will write a book and I will travel each year to a new destination.

Second thing about me is that I loooove stories, in all their shapes and forms. Life stories to be more specific. I consider that the most efficient way to learn something is to listen to others’ stories. There are not many new problems. All the knowledge, all the solutions are already somewhere there and most mistakes have been already done by someone, so we can all learn their lessons.
And I, myself, have a respectable collection of stories, some bitter, some funny, some melancholic, some nostalgic. All in all, my own life as I know it, has been one of the best movies I’ve ever seen.

And the third thing is that my life is split in two. At 30, while I was learning to drive, my life took an interesting turn. It was suppose to be painful, but in fact it became a very enriching experience. I’m not going to say here what it is about, but I’m going to mention that I know how it is to change, or to question yourself, especially when you wake up one day and realize that you spent lots of years struggling to figure out what the hell you’re suppose to do here.
Eventually I formed an opinion about why we’re all here: we’re here to find the best in us. Makes sense? For me it does.

Ah, and to add some decor to my portrait: I come from Eastern Europe, I work in a big company in Luxembourg which can be generically qualified as a bank. Something else? Hm… I’m a programmer. But I’m not a geek and I am a disaster when it comes to use technology, so don’t ask me how to install Windows or why the wifi doesn’t work because I’m completely lost there. I’m also a big fan of Leonard Cohen, such a big fan that I know most of his songs and biography. If you don’t know who he is, it’s perfectly fine. I rarely find people who do, but to make it clear: he is the second most influential song writer in pop music and an example of a long creative and spiritual life.

I also like to take long walks listening to music. There’s a place in town where I often go to meditate, and has a fantastic view on the city, but I’ll be selfish and won’t say where it is.
What else? Right. I’m a woman.